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Modifying Scenery Files

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  • Modifying Scenery Files

    How do I erase, for example the static objects to give the scenery better frames? I really don't care about cars, trucks, and other unnecessary objects. How do I go about doing this the correct way though?

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    Go into settings and turn down the items you dont want. Autogen are the buildings, trees, etc. AI allows you to individually turn down the planes, cars, boats, and other vehicles.


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      I mean like a specific scenery that I downloaded, not the whole game itself. How do I erase parts of that scenery that I dont want... such as static cars.


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        I would suggestion you use "start" thence "Program" thence Click "Windows Explorer" go to Microsoft games>FlightSimulatorXXXX>addon scenery>texture.

        If you use texture folder. I hope you may understand the word files for example cars.bmp, truck.bmp or else.. MAKE SURE use all rename from original files example: cars.bmp to rename cars.old or cars.bak this file will not show up if something goes wrong then you can go back "bmp" to run again. It won't lose the files. DO NOT DELETE these files. OK?

        Hope it helps. If you have some problem and I can try to help you and send me a file Texture folders to email me and I can fix it for you.