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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-800

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  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 737-800

    Evening everyone,
    I did this flight last weekend but didn't really have to time to edit/post shots so yeah, that's why so late. Part I of my flight from Warsaw to St. Maarten. KLM flight to Amsterdam. Enjoy the shots and please leave a comment

    Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
    Registration: PH-BXF
    Flight No: KLM1953
    Callsign: KLM 1953
    Origin: Warsaw Okecie Airport (EPWA) - Poland
    Destination: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (EHAM) - Netherlands
    Cruising Altitude: 32000ft
    Cruising speed: 280kias
    Flight time: 3hrs

    There she is, parked next to some LOT's Embraers

    Zwaluw is her name

    Preparing for departure early in the morning (7:30)

    Some nice traffic. Embraers preparing for flights to ukraine and Germany, EuroLOT preparing for a flight to Gdansk, Turkish arrived from Istanbul, Speedbird boarding for LHR, LOT ERJ-170s getting ready before flights to Russia and Scandinavia and finally Centralwings is waiting to fly to UK.

    Taxiing to the active

    Waiting for ATC clearance at runway 29

    Steep rotation

    About to call the positive rate of climb and retract the gear

    Climbing to FL320

    Somewhere between FL200 and FL250

    Passing a storm over western Poland

    At our cruising altitude

    LOT Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ-170 in Star Alliance c/s passing us 2000 feet below. Same flight as us, jsut departed 10 minutes later.

    Preparing for arrival

    Another turn

    Approaching EHAM

    On final

    Visual now

    Last corrections

    Slowing down

    Down to 15kias

    Leaving the runway, requesting taxi to the gate

    And that's it. Thanks for your time and please leave a comment.
    I have to go back to studying for my calculus exam on thursday


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    Very cool looking shots as usual, the graphics are simply stunning. The AI at Warsaw looks pretty neat to.

    Midwest Airlines - The Best Care In The Air


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      good stuff mate! and lovely visual....good luck in yer exams!


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        Thank you AI is my slef programmed, still unfinished. Been programming since Christmas :P
        Exam is tomorrow and I'm crapping my pants. Calculus is freaking hard and hopefully I will pass this course. I might even pull an all niter just to study the stuff


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          Great shots as always. Looks like you and I are in the same boat. Math B exam tomorrow, which covers the second 1.5 years of high school math. I know the stuff pretty well, im worried about stupid mistakes. I came here to cool my head.

          Back to FS, what model is that?


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            Delightful gallery to travel through, good luck and best wishes
            Thanks for visiting
            *Avimage's Monthly Slide list *


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              Back from my exam and damn it was hard. 3.5 hours, 14 pages. Hopefully I did well.
              The model is by PMDG, the best 737NG available (excpet for non flexing wings )


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                The model is by PMDG, the best 737NG available (excpet for non flexing wings )

                Why don't you using POSKY B737-700/800? They have flex wings. Nice model!

                The problem is PMDG what I don't really like is? The flaps are wrong design The real life flaps doesn't have flat!!! They don't have create design properly flaps. POSKY is accurate almost perfect design flaps.

                Flat flaps look at this:

                POSKY flaps look at this:



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                  Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                  Back from my exam and damn it was hard. 3.5 hours, 14 pages. Hopefully I did well.
                  Yeah mine went smoothly as well. The last problem was actually a vectoring problem that had to do with crosswinds. If a Jet is flying at 526 MPH and is hit by a crosswind of 50 degrees at a 47 degree angle, what is the resultant speed?
                  544 MPH approximately


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                    Posky did a great model. I ahve to agree that flaps look kinda flat on PMDG, however what I do not like about POSKy is that it has some transparent parts. Also switching to POSKY or even merging it with PMDG panel will mean loosing the great vc and vcabin. So I guess I will stay with PMDG.
                    Last weekend I also did a flight from Amsterdam to St. Maarten (Part II) on KLM 747-400. I might post shots later. Today I'll be flying from SXM to Toronto.

                    As for exam I remember doing vectors in physics last year. That was actualyl fun. You have to draw all that diagrams and stuff. What I had on mine was pretty much limits, derivatives, slopes of tangents and optimization