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Shots from my laptop: testing the new Project Airbus

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  • Shots from my laptop: testing the new Project Airbus

    So yeah, my PC is messed up and therefore it's impossible to play FS on my "powerful" machine, but I decided to install FS on my laptop to see if it will work. Surprisingly it does work, bringing me some great FPS and nice graphics Well so here I post some shots, testing the newly released Project Airbus "Airbus A320".

    Remember these are from my laptop so pardon the jaggies and widescreen shots

    Airline: BMI British Midland
    Aircraft: Airbus A320
    Registration: G-MIDV
    Flight Number: 885
    Callsign: Midland 885
    Origin: Paris de Gaulle Airport (LFPG/CDG) - Paris, France
    Destination: London Heathrow Airport (EGLL/LHR) - London, UK
    Distance: 160+nm
    Flight time: 45+min
    Cruising altitude: 25000ft/FL250
    Cruising speed: 300kias

    At the gate. Looking good so far...

    Just finished boarding

    Profile shot

    Starting the engines and requesting taxi to the active

    Maintaining 5 knots as we taxi by one of the terminals

    Holding short runway 26R as Air France A340 takes off to Montreal Dorval

    Take off

    Positive rate of climb ! Gear up, LNAV VNAV, taxi lights off, flaps up

    Flying over the cargo ramp

    Climbing through 10000ft over the cloudy France

    Flying with the sun, towards UK

    Cruising over the La Manche chanel

    Approaching LHR, visual approach runway 27L, number 2 for landing

    On final

    Unfortuantely, at this point we went into thick, thick fog, and contact with Midland 885 was lost...emergency crews are at the scene. Luckily the aircraft managed to land on a belly and no one was killed

    Thanks for watching, please leave a comment


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    Jaggies? lol it still looks better than what I get on my pc. :/


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      Or my laptop. Great shots.


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        What flight simulator do you use?, Microsoft Flight Sim X, or what and where did you get that BMI a319?
        Those shots are nice.

        Will C.


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          pb..nice shots from a laptop mate!! sad about the incident.. RIP.


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            Hey Patyk,

            Nice shots! Although there's no LNAV and VNAV at the Airbus


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              Haha thank you for your comments again
              I have fixed my PC yesterday so I'm back to flying (wohoo). I'll do some short hops in Canada before flying Montreal-Paris tonight.
              As for BMI it's a wonderful, newly released model by Project Airbus (Airbus A320 only. Unfortunately only the visual model is included, but its still very nice. Also I'm using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Still
              Also I forgot that there are no LNAV VNAV in Airbus lol too much flying in 767 for me Thanks for that Andres
              As for the incident I was approaching visual with my keyboard but when I went to that thick fog, I've lost sight of the runway and I pretty much crashed


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                I deleted all my IFDG A320s. Now with Project Airbus, I've downloaded the JetBlue A320s and the UsAirways A320 and looking for some more, even tho, I rarely do FS flights on the 320s, but I should... a fun plane to fly coast to coast.


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                  In what ways is it better than the IFDG model? I love their series. Some great re-paints out there as well.


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                    I would say it's better on FPS than ifdg and has some nicer animations and probably the engines are modelled more realistically. Really both ifdg and Project Airbus are great.