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Flight plan text line stand for?

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  • Flight plan text line stand for?


    Anyone who expert or somewhat knowledge about the chart of line for AI traffic flight plan. I need to know what is for example: AC#01 ,airline code, type aircraft, City code arrival or departure, time departure, weekday, flight level, lat/long position, arrival city code, etc.... Some of them I don't know what is for.. Can you give me a good example for world of AI traffic flight plan text? I got it works one flight that I made it up for test only. I want to make sure what specific meaning of line text. Thanks for your help.



    Here the example real flight plan from WOA:


    What is "1%"? what is "@1"? what is 1/14:35:45? << (departure GMT only?)

    First line begining airport code is this departure KLAX? I want to know what is specific information line text. Please explain it to me. Thanks. I couldn't figure it out how it works.

    Thanks again,


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    Stuart, first you need to know how to program an AI file in fs.
    my interpretation is rough but here goes.
    196 is actually 1 percent, meaning 1 flight per week
    @1 ( for eg ) is the gate number
    all the airport codes are where the aircraft will be going to
    IFR, self explanatory
    departure/arrival times etc
    hope this clears up a little for you. Some one else could probably do better.
    Ta......Bill AAA203
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