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Just some screenshots from my laptop

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  • Just some screenshots from my laptop

    Hey everyone,
    Been really busy lately (again) and almost didn't have time to play FS so instead was editing old shots I've found on my laptop. So yeha enjoy some random shots, pardon for jaggies, theyr all from laptop not my PC.

    Set #1: American Airlines Boeing 767-300 departing Boston Logan Intl. Airport

    Set # 2: Condor/Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 boarding at Frankfurt Main Intl. Airport

    Set # 3: Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 in Vienna

    Set # 4: Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 departing New York's La Guardia Intl. Airport

    Set # 5: Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 departing Frankfurt Main Intl. Airport

    Set # 6: Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 arriving at Frankfurt Main Intl. Airport

    Set # 7: Saudi Arabian Boeing 747-400 departing Dubai Intl. Airport

    Set # 8: Saudi Arabian Boeing 747-400 arriving at London Heathrow Intl. Airport

    Before someone asks aircrafts and sceneries are payware by aerosoft, flytampa, imaginesime, pmdg, leveld and captain sim

    Thanks for your time


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    Very very nice. I am utterly jealous.
    Will F.
    Photos: JetPhotos.Net | | General Photography


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      The Condor/Tomas Cook dirty look is pretty cool.

      I wish I worked for Delta
      AVL to ATL and CVG on Delta

      My virtual airline is located here.


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        You mentioned "Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 in Vienna" I see the Delta's ID "N831MH" that ID doesn't have series 300. It's actually 767-400. It must've error on AI traffic model wrong type or your model is wrong ID number. I don't know where did you get that from "N831MH". what kind is this model?

        Stuart That's 767-432 of N831MH.


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          Thanks for nice comments
          The reg is probably a mistake done by a painter. I got it off avsim and I never really payed attention to regs anless they were the famous ones (like i.e. G-BOAC).


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            Love the airborne Delta 757 ones. But all are nice !


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              Great shots Pat! Lovin' the Lufthansa Jumbo shots



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                Thanks a lot The jumbo does look great in LH colors