Virtual PIA is a name well known with regard to flight simulation and flight simulator development in Asia.
Established in 2005, Virtual PIA has stayed the largest and most advanced virtual airline simulating the Pakistan international Airlines in the world.
Virtual PIA is supported by serving cockpit & cabin crews of the Pakistan International Airlines.
Starting from Microsoft Flight Simulators, 2 of our members have gone far enough to get CPL/IR's and are now FAA certified flight instructors.
Our contribution to flight simulation ha sbeen in the form of most of the PIA’s fleet (flyable and AI) released as freeware.
We forge excellent relationships with a number of well established virtual airlines, including KLM-VA, and a number of flight simulator developers, including Mr. Ali Mujtaba (flight sim pakistan) Mr. Edward Cox (Project Opensky), Mr. Mike Pearson and Mr. Umair Ayaz.
Virtual PIA now strives to provide its members with the best virtual aviation experience, introducing a brand new downloads section containing each and every single aircraft flown by the PIA for download, custom panels, sounds, essential software, a new style of forums with special reference to Flight Simulator issues, up to date coverage of events, and membership at VATSIM.

With the expansion of PIA's fleet and the introduction of a new livery on every
aircraft, you will play an essential role in making sure our members enjoy every
minute of their time at Virtual PIA.
You will be responsible for maintaining the entire Virtual PIA fleet and ensuring that it is within reach of our members. You will also be responsible for other downloadable material, including aircraft panels, sounds, software, etc and will keep them in working order.
You will also help out our members if they face any difficulty in the downloads section.
To fill this position, you must have a very good internet connection, the ability to correspond well - with both administrators and members. You must carry out your work in the strictest of confidence, and donate about 1.5 to 2 hours of your daily time till the download section is built up and updated.
Once that task has been completed your daily time donation will fall to half an hour or one hour per day, just to check up on the downloads area and ensure its proper working.

Kindly reply for this position at [email protected], or by replying to this topic.