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  • The taste of history...

    I was just relaxing one night, surfing the net when I suddenly ended up on Posky's website. And a nice surprise. The newly released classic 747s v4 ! Not waiting for long I downloaded the plane (747-100AA) and decided to take it for a ride in FS. being on vacation I didnt have enough time for a whole flight but I took some shots of Newark departure and LHR arrival. Enjoy my laptop widescreens!

    Aircraft: Boeing 747-100
    Airline: American Airlines
    Registration: N9664
    Flight No: AA741
    Callsign: American 741 Heavy
    Origin: Newark Intl. Airport; Newark; USA (KEWR)
    Destination: Heathrow Intl. Airport; London; UK (EGLL)

    Classic tail shot

    747 Luxury Liner

    Boarding at the gate, before a transcontinetal flight to Europe

    Pushed back, engines started, ready to taxi

    Ready to taxi

    P&W's engine #4

    Taxiing past the terminal

    Holding short

    Take off

    From another angle

    Taken by an airport worker

    Positive rate of climb-gear up

    Climbing away

    Over London (UK)

    Going manual now

    "The Jumbo" from the parking lot

    The Queen arrives

    Seconds from touchdown

    Nosegear is the last to touchdown

    Slowing down

    Thanks for your time


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    Awesome. I love the b/w and the filters. Great work.


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      Thanks a lot for a kind comment Everything looks great in B&W
      Btw. in case anybode is into classic 747s the payware Ready for Pushback 747 just got freeware and is now available for download from avsim ( I'm downloading it right now to compare these two.


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        That went freeware? Cool. Any shot its FSX friendly?


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          Freeware yeah. Well I got it , gave it 5 minutes and uninstalled it. Pieca crap imo. But Im no classic 747 fan so maybe thats why. I'm pretty sure theres a FSX patch.


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            Cool shots, did AA really fly that route or did you just pick it randomly?

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              Originally posted by pkonowrocki

              Boarding at the gate, before a transcontinetal flight to Europe
              There's something about this view. Oh yeah... A true king of the skies ! I love the 747 dimensions. Looks really massive when looking at this particular screenshot.

              Definitely 2 thumbs up, Patryk ..
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                Thanks John Yes the 747 has great dimensions and I love how photogenic she is !! She looks great from pretty much any angle.
                Mike, I picked the route randomly. I was limited to the airports I had installed on my laptop

                Thanks guys !