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    Evening all,

    Is there a file I can edited that changes the default AI aircraft at a particular airport? In this case, you only get Dash8s on the main stands at EGNV, when it should be B738s, MD83s and the Dash8s, how can I change it?

    Also, is there a way of renaming the stands? E.g. change Stand 4 GA large, to Stand 4 Gate medium or whatever.



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    Oh boy... You need "AFCAD Editor" you can fix airport. Some default are stinks not enough parking gates. It can be disppeared or refuse to land it. It depends airports. Or you need download better afcad airport you wish select it.

    It's very complicated about AI traffic. I have done successful and I have my own AI traffic, AFCAD editor, and flight plans creator. I don't use default AI traffic anymore! I deleted and it works! I hate to see Soar, Globalfreighter and etc. LOL Now, I have AI traffic with real air carriers in the world. Not 100% mostly common airlines that I like to get those. I like it. It's fun.



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      Oh by the way, AFCAD Editor can idenfity the airline code parking gate for example: British Airways code "BAW" when you use AFCAD Editor you can select parking gate spot and type BAW so the plane will park it properly. It's a lot of work on that program but it's fun for me to do this. I have hundred of airports done myself and most downloaded from I have edited my own sometimes they mistake wrong spot gate for airline I edit and corrected it. It was a lot of work! LOL!