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DL520 ATL-LGA (20 shots)

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  • DL520 ATL-LGA (20 shots)

    Well this is what happens when I have extra time on my hands, I do a flight on FS9. I really should have been doing other stuff, but meh.
    Flying with the keyboard on a laptop is a challenge if you want one, btw, especially when the APR puts you about 1/2 mile off the actual course. I had to fly the last bit with the keyboard. It really keeps you alert.

    Anyways, I chose DL520 ATL-LGA. I chose the DL 752 N627DL with the "Hammerin' Hank" special decals.
    Saw it on POSky's website the other day and thought I might check it out. I'm not a big fan of DL's new c/s, but I like this one.
    Rolling down 27R with the nosewheel just lifting off.

    Blasting away like only a 75' can do and pulling the gear in.

    Turning left to get on course.

    Close up of number one.

    Taken from passing traffic a thousand feet above while DL520 cruises comfortably at FL330 over North Carolina.

    Close up of the left wing and Hank Aaron logo.

    Cruising comfortably at Mach .8 at FL330 over Virginia.

    Some spoilers extended as we descend down to FL190.

    Turning right as we begin to get vectors for the ILS runway 22 approach at LGA.

    Some low clouds down there partially obscuring the ground.

    Turning left in a cloud as we descend to 7000.

    We finally received vectors inbound after going a ways out. Given instructions to descend to 2200 and turn heading 195 until the localizer.
    Over HPN as we close in on 2200 with some flaps deployed.

    Flaps full and gear down at the outer marker.

    Making corrections on final.

    Short final to 22 and still making some corrections.

    Seconds from touchdown.

    Spoilers extended and reversers just about to deploy.

    Taken by someone in an airport vehicle out on the ramp/taxiway as we taxi in.

    At the gate about to deboard and be cleaned for the next flight.

    Hope you enjoyed!
    I'm a couple hours into IAH-AMS in a KL 74M, so I hope to finish that one sometime relatively soon and post it on here.

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    Nice shots I got to see that plane in SEA a couple weeks ago.
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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      Nice shots, but I still hate those colors! Posky 757 looks pretty nice though.


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        Originally posted by Crunk415balla
        Nice shots, but I still hate those colors!
        It's the same as with the new UA livery, the smaller the plane, the better the livery looks. The BE1s look brilliant in it .

        Anyway, nice set of screenies .


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          The paint does not have too many details but the shots are nice !! Good job.


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            Very Shea though?


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              Thanks for the comments!

              As for Shea, I didn't really have time to look for it because I pretty much had my hands full with the approach.


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                Very true. Better to look where you are going than look at the game.


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                  nice shots! can't wait to get X-Plane this fall.