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FIN6 Heavy JFK-HEL part 2 (16 shots)

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  • FIN6 Heavy JFK-HEL part 2 (16 shots)

    Continuing on from part 1...

    With passengers beginning to wake up, the f/a's make their rounds again making sure anyone has whatever they need for the last remaining few hours before we arrive in HEL.

    Contrails join the party now.

    As the sun rises and makes his appearance, a beautiful touch is added to everything the early light comes in contact with. This time the touch is a bit of purple on the clouds and fuselage.

    The show didn't last for long, and the white light began to dominate over the colors. Still a touch of other colors present, but albeit, they were fading pretty quick.

    Flying up here in the Scandanavian region, you have to fly into the sun eventually.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, as we are beginning our descent into the Helsinki area, we ask that you turn off all electronic devices and put your tray tables and seat back in the upright and locked positions. We hope you enjoyed the flight and we will be around one more time to collect any remaining trash or items you may have. Thank you for flying with us today!"
    "Finnair 6 Heavy, descend to FL190"

    Down to 3,000 and in and out of the low clouds.
    "Finnair 6 Heavy, turn heading 200, descend and maintain 2,000 until localizer for 22L, contact tower on 118.6"

    Flaps full, gear down at outer marker. Some rain began to fall at this point and visible vortices began to form due to the humidity.

    Making some small corrections and about to enter the lower cloud layer.

    Now keep in mind for the landing, I used the ILS as long as I could until I got a visual with the runway. The standard ILS approaches on FS9 usually aren't aligned with the runway, as was this one, so I had to hand fly it once I took APR off. It's a bit of a challenge flying the keyboard on a laptop. Fun, nontheless, but definitely a challenge.

    Lined up fairly well on this one after some corrections. Still some to be made, but I have proper airspeed, proper aircraft configuration, and I am on glideslope.

    Minor corrections being made with vortices visible from both flaps and winglets.

    Beginning the flare a little high, but not too high.

    Burnin' some rubber!

    Taken from a helicopter overflying HEL.

    The marshaller's view as engines are being shut down.

    Now that's a good parking job. (Again, taxiing using keyboard on laptop...)

    Welcome to Helsinki!

    Well I hope you enjoyed. My plan is to go on to UUEE on an Aeroflot A319 then on to VHHH switching the 767 flight with the IL-96. Hopefully I'll finish those and post them in the next few days.

    Thanks for viewing and happy flying!