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Patryk's trip around the world (56k warning)

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    Hey Patryk. Good to see you have time for this. This requires alot of time, and Im really impressed of your screenies, thanks for letting us fly with you on your "around the world" adventure. Ps: Im looking forward to see your TPE-MNL leg... Btw is there by any chance that its a spec.livery hello kitty ?

    Take care man..
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      Thanks John ! Alright I'll get the Hello Kitty one Looks nice and will be fun to fly. Then from Manila I'll probably head to Indonesia on Phillippines aircraft


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        so Patryk, planning on giving the A380 a spin?

        Originally posted by pkonowrocki
        Dakujem vám
        Hope I got it right. Thanks man !!
        correct!! (or dakujem ti, but thats a lesson in honorifics thats not needed)


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          Haha didn't plan on A380 yet, but I might. I am going to fly as many different types of planes as possible, including the spectacular Concorde flight from LHR to JFK.


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            Originally posted by MaxPower
            Btw is there by any chance that its a spec.livery hello kitty
            this the one?



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              Leg 6:

              Airline: Eva Air
              Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
              Origin: Taipei, Taiwan
              Destination: Manila, Philippines
              Flight time: approx. 2 hrs

              Sorry wasnt really in a mood to take/edit screenies

              How cute ?

              There she is

              Take off

    's gonna be a bumpy ride...

              Leaving the storm below


              On approach


              End of leg 6.

              Edit: I just saw them on my other monitor and I've overedited the approach+landing shots...:/ sorry about that. Told ya I wasnt in a mood...
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                no problem about the editing Patryk, the screenies are steller anyways


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                  Thanks Chris !! No flight for me yesterday, today I'm hoping to reach Indonesia.


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                    Leg 7:

                    Airline: Philippines Airlines
                    Aircraft: Airnus A340-300
                    Origin: Manila, Philippines
                    Destination: Jakarta, Indonesia
                    Flight time: approx. 3 hours

                    Early morning flight to Indonesia

                    Business class :]

                    Take off

                    Climbing away


                    Breaking through stormy clouds, descending towards Jakarta

                    Coming out of clouds, ILS

                    Crazy people spotting so early in the morning...

                    Low over the fence, aiming for piano...manual now

                    Slowing down

                    Welcome to Jakarta, Indonesia

                    End of Leg 7.

                    Next leg: Jakarta, Indonesia to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-300.
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                      how about making a stop at RIC?



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                        Thanks for a quick reply
                        Sure I will. As soon as I reach North America which might be in two months Right now I'm exploring Australia & Oceania and Asia


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                          Amazing shots as always, Pat! I'm in awe! I should try flying outside the U.S. some more.

                          By the way, what clouds are you using? They look GREAT!


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                            Thanks Chasen !
                            The clouds are one of the payware upgrades for FS mixed with ActiveSky I believe. But they look great and do noteat my FPS
                            I should post next leg tonite


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                              I have active sky, but do you remember the name of the payware clouds?


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                                I think it's Flight Environment Pro or something like that. I'm pretty sure it's developed by Flight1.