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Aeroflot Adventures part 1 of 2

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  • Aeroflot Adventures part 1 of 2

    Following up on my other flights I have done so far...
    ...I decided to continue my adventures on Aeroflot, taking an A319 of theirs, VP-BDO on the HEL-SVO run.
    Here we go...
    Rolling on 22L

    Picked up a bit of vapor trails while departing a humid HEL.

    Pulling the gear in as we cross the opposite end of the runway.

    Climbing through the clouds over Finland with both beacons flashing.

    Still climbing over Finland.

    Some culumus clouds building up.

    Still climbing above the cloud layer.


    The afternoon sun beating down on the right side and contrails following over the countryside.

    The sun is directly behind us now.

    Turning and descending to FL190 with the sun finally being on the side with the Russian titles.

    Perfect view of the Russian titles.

    Perfect day for flying, so we opted for the visual to 25R at SVO.
    Gear coming down and flaps full on final with the sun almost directly in front of us now.

    Short final.

    Flaring over 25R just a touch right of centerline.

    Touchdown...spoilers active, reversers activated.

    Lettin' it all hang out.

    Taxiing in.

    At the stand just after shutdown.

    Welcome to Moscow!

    Part 2 of 2 of my Aeroflot adventures is coming soon! AFL596 UUEE-VHHH IL-96. Hopefully that will be up soon.
    Well hope you enjoyed these!

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    thanks for the pics. some great screenies. can't wait for part 2!



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      Great screenshots. May I reccomend a little Anti-Aliasing?