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Aeroflot Adventures part 2 of 2

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  • pkonowrocki
    Guest replied
    I don't think it's POSKY, I would rather say it's Samdim Design
    Great shots man. Nice to see the good old Aeroflot sometimes :P I flew on that plane when I was younger...too young to remember

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  • pilotgolfer
    Thanks. I'm pretty sure I just got it off Posky. I was looking for something a little different, and I ran across that one, so I figured why not?

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  • Bok269
    Awesome shots. Where'd you get the model?

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  • z740
    nice screenies! i'm looking forward to your next flight.


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  • pilotgolfer
    started a topic Aeroflot Adventures part 2 of 2

    Aeroflot Adventures part 2 of 2

    Well after the flights I have done so far...
    Post tips, stories, questions, or screenshots related to Flight Simulation software.


    the time has come for me to make another long haul, this time SVO-HKG on AFL596. The original 767 was replaced today with the IL-96 RA-96005.

    And here we go.
    Lined up and ready to go on 25L.

    The takeoff roll was very long and used up the vast majprity of the runway. Typically, you're not on glideslope while taking off...

    The moon watching over us as we climb to FL350.

    SVO slipping out of view beneath a cloud as we nearly complete a turn to head southeast bound.

    Moon's a bit brighter now as we close in on FL350.

    Passing over a town somewhere in the middle of Russia.

    The northern lights gave us one last show for a while over Russia before disappearing from our view.

    The sky ever so slightly beginning to brighten up.

    Aeroflot Russian Airlines

    More colors are being added to the sky.

    Sunrise over northwestern China.

    The moon is beginning its journey down now as the sun begins to reign over the sky.

    some clouds being lit up by the rising sun.

    I just love this one.

    It wasn't too long before the sun fully came up and colored everything on the earth and in the sky.

    Passing over a mountainous China with a good bit of fog in the lower elevations.

    Beginning our descent into HKG.

    Cloudy/foggy down there.

    Turning left being vectored in for HKG's 25R.

    Looks like it's going to get a little rough down there...

    Making a right turn for a straight in to 25R.

    Passing by the old HKG with a fairly low cloud layer down there.

    Gear coming down.

    I'll admit I had to make somewhat of a shuttle approach for this one.

    Ending up right on glideslope with only minor corrections having to be made now.

    Slowing down on centerline.

    Creeping up the last few feet to the stand.

    Welcome to Hong Kong!
    I hope to have the next flight I did up soon, VHHH-RJBB with the Woody Woodpecker c/s ANA 767.