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Leg 5 - VHHH-RJBB NH176

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  • Leg 5 - VHHH-RJBB NH176

    Continuing on my trip...
    ...the time came to operate All Nippon flight 176 service to Osaka Kansai.
    We had a special surprise waiting for us because the plane to operate this trip was JA8357 with the Universal Studios Japan/Woody Woodpecker colors on it.
    Here we go.

    Lined up on 7L ready to go.

    Beginning to roll with fairly low visibility as evident in the background.

    Right side.

    Rotating with one of the towers looking on.

    Both towers watching as the gear is being pulled in.

    Turning on course.

    Flying past good ol' Kai Tak, before it became less recognizable.

    Climbing out of the clouds above Hong Kong.

    Cruising over the sea headed toward Taiwan.

    Looking good in the late afternoon sun.

    Tail details.

    About to pass over an airport in Taiwan.

    Looking even more beautiful as the sun begins to set.

    Last shot of the sun before it disappeared. I love the clouds that stick out above the rest on horizon. About halfway between Taiwan and Japan at this point.

    After about another hour to an hour and a half, it's time to begin our descent.

    The weather was a bit low, so it was fun coming in.
    Here we are over the numbers to runway 6 just a bit off centerline.

    Touchdown on the front part of the mains with a puff of smoke.

    Slowing down.

    At the gate about to shut down.

    Welcome to Osaka Kansai!
    Coming soon is Osaka Itami - Takyo Haneda in a JAL 743. The ending to that one wasn't what I particularly expected or wanted. I will post that one soon.

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    Excellent livery.. I see how much fun you had up there.

    This is the first time I'veseen this livery. Just a curious question, when did they painted this 763 ??
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      nice screenies mate! i always look forward to your next flight. can't wait for the next one!



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        Great set ! Looks like quite a good landing for the weather like that ! Looking forward to the next set !