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  • GE Force 8800 Ultra

    Do any of you guys have the GE Force 8800 Ultra? My brother is building me a computer and im trying to decide which Video card to get, I am also thinking about getting 2 Ultras and loading them into my new computer is there any reason to do this or should i just save my money? Is there a considerable difference in performance between the ultra GTS or GTX? Any help is much appreciated, What kind of Video cards do you guys have?

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    I have 8800 and I do not have any bigger problems with it excpet for AA issues sometimes. However other than that it's good. Great graphics and fast. I get like 25-30 fps in Frankfurt, with full AI in PMDG 744 VC. Some sample shots from my 8800 from today's flight:


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      Is there a max FPS that you can have in FS? Whats the highest you guys have had?


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        Max FPS you can have in FS is that you can lock it on 99. Max I've had was around 60-70. However after 30FPS human eye can't see the difference becasue the game is so smooth.