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Leg 6 - RJOO-RJTT JAL106

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  • Leg 6 - RJOO-RJTT JAL106

    After arriving in RJBB on NH176 from VHHH, the night was spent in a hotel for a good rest because the next flight is in the afternoon of the next day.
    Here is the previous leg

    This flight left from Osaka-Itami (RJOO) with service to Tokyo Haneda (RJTT) on 744D JA8083.

    JAL106 ready to go on 14R.


    As you can tell by the 1000' markers on the runway, it was a fairly late takeoff with a roll of about 45 seconds.

    Made me nervous for a little bit on the takeoff roll as to whether i would make it.

    Gear up.

    Turning left to intercept my course with the visibility dropping as we are about to enter a cloud.

    So long, Osaka!

    Climbing to FL190.

    Directly into the sun...

    Turning over a lake somewhere in Japan. I love how the clouds look in this one.

    Passing some mountainous terrain.

    Pax on the right side got an excellent view of Mt. Fuji.

    Lower visibility in the lower elevations.

    Taken by one of the pax as we are about to descend below the clouds with one last look at Mt. Fuji.

    Being vectored in with some traffic off to the right which eventually crossed in front and above us after a couple minutes.

    Turning to the localizer.

    Short final with gear and flaps down.

    The approach wasn't bad, but here is where it got interesting. I landed a bit hard which caused both inboards (two and three) to strike the runway causing a bit of a problem.

    Here is just after the nose gear had touched down with smoke from both it and the engines mixing behind the plane.

    Taken by one of the pax just after the engines had struck.

    Kept it on centerline.

    Shutting it down on the runway and about to commence an evacuation.

    Taken from a passenger on another flight taxiing in.

    Everyone got out fine while the plane was tended to appropriately and some flights had to hold for a while and a couple had to divert to Narita. After they towed the plane off the runway, it was checked for FOD and the airport resumed operations a couple hours later.

    That was the excitement for that leg. Right now I am doing RJAA-CYVR on ACA4.

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    Originally posted by pilotgolfer
    Turning left to intercept my course with the visibility dropping as we are about to enter a cloud.
    look familiar?
    nice screenies. you scared me though when those engines struck. don't do that!



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      Haha. I didn't realize how close to that shot I was.
      The engine strike was the first time it's been unintentional. *shifts eyes*


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        Well I don't think I've ever seen both the number 2 and 3 engines hit during the one landing. How did that happen???
        YBBN - James


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          I honestly have no idea. I flared, hit the runway, and next thing i know, both inboards are sparking and smoking.


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            taht my friend is what we call talent!