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FS2004 Aircraft addon installation

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  • FS2004 Aircraft addon installation

    So I bought a cheap copy of FS2004 as a stopgap until I have the system for my copy of FSX, and when I download and install new crafts on FS2004, they don't show up in the selection window. What's the problem?

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    Do you unzip them and follow the instructions in the readme file?


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      The very first thing you should do with a download is to unzip it and read the README file. Some free downloads come with an autoinstaller. For these it is essential that you select the correct folder to install to. If you installed 2004 to the default folder (program files/microsoft games/flight simulator 9) then you should have no problem with these but if you installed it to another location then you must put in the pathway to the root folder.

      For downloads that do not have an autoinstaller, again read the README file which will generally give explicit instructions on installation.

      The manual method to install is as follows....

      Unzip the file to a suitable folder. I use a folder called "unzipped" For this example we'll install a Sikorsky S76 helicopter.

      The folder you are looking for is the one outlined in red here. It will always be the one with model, panel, sound and texture sub-folders. Highlight the Sikorsky_S76_CHC folder and drag and drop it to the aircraft folder in Flight Simulator 9.

      This picture shows where it should go.

      Note that I have also mentioned Effects and Gauges. Some downloads include new files for effects and new gauges that are not standard Flight sim items. If there are Effects and Gauges folders in the down load then copy the contents of the download folders to the indicated folders above. If you don't do this then you will have blank areas on the panel and missing effects (e.g. Water dump for a firefighting aircraft)

      Again, all this should be described in the README file accompanying the download.

      Hope this helps.
      If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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        Go to your aircraft.cfg file in the aircraft's folder and make sure it's got those lines:

        title=Boeing 737-400
        atc_airline=American Pacific
        ui_variation="American Pacific Airways"

        description="One should hardly be surprised that the world's most prolific manufacturer of commercial aircraft is also the producer of the world's most popular jetliner. The 737 became the best-selling commercial jetliner worldwide when orders for it hit 1,831 in June 1987 (surpassing Boeing's own 727 as the previous champ). However, it wasn't always that way\s in the first few years of production, there were so few orders that Boeing considered canceling the program. They didn't, and the airplane has more than proven itself in over three decades of service."


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          Thanks for the input everyone! I had been trying to install it like BrianW said, but I haven't been getting any luck. I don't know what's up with it.


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            Post the aircraft.cfg here.


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              Look at aircraft.cfg

              Make sure all following numbers [fltsim.0] next texture [fltsim.1] next texture [fltsim.2] go on... you cannot same number or with an x ie: [fltsim.x] sometimes readme.txt just copy and paste with [fltsim.x] that mean x is for any number you have to edit after the number started. OK?

              Hope it helps.