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  • Shift+combinations

    When flying my Level D sim 767 the other day I pressed Shift+7 and the FMC didnt open up, so then I pressed the other Shift+combinations and realized that none of them were working. I cycled through all of my AC and none of them worked. Then I tried to apply thrust reverse when I landed and realized that wasnt working either. I checked the assignment page and there wasnt even a thrust reverse option. Has anyone ever had this happen before? If you did what did you do to solve it?

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    Thrust revers is activated by holding an "F2" key. As for Shift+combination all are working fine for me. Try loading a plane and press "shift+E" and see if the doors open.


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      Can look in the preferences or go to keyboard shortcuts on your computer.



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        I figured out the Shift+combinations and have them reset, but still cant figure out what happend to my reverse thrust. It doesnt show up at all on the assingments page.


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          Because it's not a separate function. "F2" is used to decrease engine power, just like "F3" increases the power. When you put your engines on iddle at flare and then keep decreasing the power by holding "F2" your engines would go to reverse mode. It's not a separate function. That's why there is no assignment for it.