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Does removing programs help?

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  • Does removing programs help?

    Does removing programs off of my hard drive help my FS performance such as framerates, etc? I just got an external hard drive and was thinking that if I moved programs onto that it would save a lot of space on my computer for more important things... like FS haha.

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    The emptier your hard drive, the less FS has to sort through when trying to load files. So the answer is yes. Defragging the hard drive couldn't hurt either.


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      In the long run it's not going to help as much as upgrading RAM/video card.


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        Yeah nothing beats good hardware. If you have shitty hardware, you can have nothing on your harddrive except FS and your performance will still suck. You should make sure unnecesseary stuff isn't running in the background so your not processing all kinds of junk, that will deffinetly help, but unless you have hardware that's up to snuff, you will still be frustrated.