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  • The new has arrived

    As most people might have noticed, it has been extremely quiet around Air Belgium for the last few months. The main reason for that was that we had quite a lot of staffing problems over the last few months and where unable to keep up our extremely complicated systems up to date and running. Fortunately Team Onyx reached out to us and gave us the possibility to join them and make sure that there would be a bright future for Air Belgium.

    Since September we have been very busy in integrating Air Belgium into Team Onyx's X6 logging system, an extremely easy to use yet advanced system which is currently one of the best in the VA Sector. Now we are fully integrated into the system and we put up a temporary site at while we await an improved version, we are once again ready to go back to full steam. Our old pilots where already warned about these changes back in September and the majority changed along with us to Team Onyx, so now the time has come to invite the rest of the world to come and join us at Team Onyx as well.

    We admit that the X6 system is on certain points not as advanced as our old system used to be, but the fact that it is a lot user friendlier as well as more stable makes up for this. Behind X6 is a complete development team working on improving the system on a daily basis and keeping everything running as smooth as possible, which we weren't able to do with our own system and staff. We feel that by joining Team Onyx we made in important step in the future development of Air Belgium and enabling it to keep flying in a long and bright future.

    In the near future we will try to offer more languages in the X6 system to lower the entry-step for beginning pilots who aren't extremely fluent in English or German (the 2 languages X6 currently provides), in the near future translations into Dutch and French are planned for both the X6 system and the sign-up page (currently only available in German).

    For more information don't hesitate to visit our site at or Team Onyx at or of course ask a question in this topic

    Team Onyx is one of the largest European virtual airline groups, mainly active in German - speaking Europe. [/i]