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The BIG thread - 2-0-0-0- posts >> A MUST SEE << (56K Warning)

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  • The BIG thread - 2-0-0-0- posts >> A MUST SEE << (56K Warning)

    Evening everyone !!
    So yes I am back after my one week vacations...damn gonna miss the warm weather and laziness haha. So decided to take a day off today and after looking at my PC and finding all those old FS shots, I've decided to post them here in my 2000th post !
    I've also decided to make this 2000th thread an opportunity to say that I have decided to leave the forums for some time, or maybe for ever. I have more and more responsibilities nowadays and less and less free time. I decided to spend more time for school as I realised how important the education is. I am hoping to get accepted for a Flight Attendant program next year and hopefully I will begin flying for a Canadian airline in a near future. Also turning 18 in two weeks, I will become an adult and will have more responsibilities than ever before. I am also hoping to get a job at Air Canada soon and I have to focus on earning money to get a new car to replace my good, old Mazda. So I would like to say that those 2 and a half years that I spent posting here, at was a lot of fun. I met a lot of great people and learnt a lot of things. My favourite section was always the FS section as I'm not really into aviation photography, neither am I an aviation geek which is why I rarely posted in the avaiton section. Anyway I would like to thank everyone here and wish all the best to the community !
    Eniugh of the boring talk, time for shots. Here I present you a collection of my all time best shots to celebrate 2000 posts !!! Enjoy !!

    Most are in alphabetical order (airline etc.)

    Air Canada Boeing 767-300 special Christmas service to Calgary departing Toronto

    Aeroflot Airbus A310 charter flight to Monastir, Tunisia departing Moscow, Russia

    Aeroflot Boeing 777-200 over Moscow, UK, late flight to London Heathrow

    Air France Boeing 747-400 boarding at Paris Airport, France, flight to St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

    Probably my best ever cabin shot - Air France's Boeing 747-400's upper deck

    Air New Zealand Boeing 737-400 approaching Wellington, NZ flight from Auckland, NZ

    Centralwings Boeing 737-400 departing Warsaw, Poland flight to Gran Canaria, Spanish Canary Islands

    The mighty Concorde

    EuroLOT Aerospatiale-Alenia ATR-72 flying over nothern Poland, flight from Warsaw to Gdansk

    Finnair McDonnell Douglas MD-11 approaching cloudy Helsinki, Finland, flight from New York City, US

    Finnair MD-11 flight to Helsinki, being prepared at JFK airport in New York City, US

    Geargian 955 sitting at the ramp in Toronto, Canada

    Great view of Toronto skyline, as Georgian 955 returns from Montreal, Canada

    Over the trees near the famouse Wendy's spotting location at the Airport Road in Toronto

    Preparing a cabin of this LOT Polish Airlines' Boeing 737-500 before a daily flight from Warsaw, Poland to Paris, France

    Amazing sunrise colors, as this LOT Polish Airlines' Boeing 737-500 is flying from Warsaw, Poland to Kos, Greece

    Rainy arrival of this LOT Boeing 737-500 flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Warsaw, Poland

    LOT Boeing 737-500 slowing down in Monastir, Tunisia, flight from Warsaw, Poland

    LOT Boeing 767-200 departing Warsaw, Poland, flight to Toronto, Canada

    LOT Boeing 767-300 representing Star Alliance slowing down on runway 33R in Toronto, Canada, flight from Warsaw, Poland

    Air Rescue emergency action in Tatry Mountains, Poland

    Luftwaffe visiting Frankfurt, Germany

    SunExpress Boeing 737-800 flying from Warsaw via Krakow, Poland to Antalya, Turkey

    Visiting a cabin of a Boeing 737-800

    Turkish Airlines Airbus A310 being pushed back in Warsaw, Poland

    Turkish Airlines Airbus A310 departing Warsaw, Poland flight to Istanbul, Turkey

    United Airlines Boeing 737 flying over Dixie Road in Toronto, flight from Chicago, US

    Miami subburbs seen from American Airlines' Boeing 757-200 flight from Miami to St. Maarten

    Aeroflot Airbus A321 approaching St. Petersburg airport, flight from Moscow, Russia

    Air Canada Airbus A320 flying with an amazing sunset, flight from Calgary to Toronto, Canada

    Air Canada Airbus A320 on final at St. Maarten flight from Toronto

    Air France Airbus A340-300 departing Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France

    Air France Airbus A340-300 about to descend into the clouds

    Air France Airbus A340-300 arriving at Montreal, Canada flight from Paris, France

    Waiting for departure in Rome, Italy

    Over Rome Fiumicino airport, flight to Palermo, Italy

    Austrian Arrows Dash8-400 arriving in Vienna, Austria, flight from Innsbruck, Austria

    Austrian Arrows Dash8-400 boarding in Innsbruck

    Austrian Arrows CRJ-200 seen at the ramp in Vienna, Austria

    Holding position

    Descending towards Innsbruck airport, Austria

    Morning approach of this Heavy Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300

    Arriving at Vienna, flight from Toronto, Canada

    Gate 52 in Vienna occupied by Austrian Airlines' Boeing 767-300 that has just arrived from Toronto, Canada

    British Airways Heavy's terminal in London, UK

    British Airways Boeing 777-200 ending it's trip from London, UK on a gloomy day in Toronto, Canada

    A bumpy ride through the clouds

    British Airways Boeing 777-200 departing London, UK flight to Toronto, Canada

    Croatia Airlines Airbus A320 departing Vienna, Austria, flight to Zagreb, Croatia

    Jazz aircrafts parked in Toronto

    Jazz Dash8 departing Toronto

    Approaching Sudbury

    Jazz Dash8 ready to be pushed back

    Climbing above the clouds

    Lufthansa CRJ-700 departing Munich, Germany

    Lufthansa Regional CRJ-200 being operated by Eurowings arriving at Munich, Germany

    Shot from an observation deck in Frankfurt, Germany

    Some movements in Frankfurt, Germany

    Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 departing Frankfurt, Germany heading to Toronto, Canada

    Cruising over the Atlantic Ocean

    Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 arriving at Toronto, Canada from Frankfurt, Germany

    Sun sets in Toronto as this Lufathansa Airbus A340-300 prepares for it's flight back to Frankfurt, Germany

    Great view of downtown Frankfurt, Germany

    Flaring at Frankfurt, Germany

    Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 slowing down in Frankfurt, Germany flight from Toronto, Canada

    Malev Boeing 767-200 boarding at Budapest, Hungary

    Malev Boeing 767-200 arriving at Toronto, Canada from Budapest, Hungary

    LOT Polish Boeing 767-300 boarding in Toronto, Canada

    LOT Polish Boeing 767-300 departing Toronto, Canada flight to Warsaw, Poland

    Detail shot of this LOT Embraer ERJ-145 arrivng at Warsaw, Poland

    Pulkovo Antonov arriving at Moscow from St. Petersburg, Russia

    Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 parked in Toulouse, France

    Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 departing Toulouse, France

    And those are the shots.
    At the end I would like to dedicate the three special amazing shots to someone special who I met lately. Her name is Alyshia and she in the most amazing person I have ever met and she definately deserves those three shots. They are for you Alyshia !!

    Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 departing Calgary, Canada flight to Frankfurt, Germany

    Air Canada Boeing 777-200 climbing away from Toronto, Canada flight to Frankfurt, Germany

    Watching a great sunset on my way from Toronto, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany

    And that's it for my 2000th post. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about those.

    I might still stick around for some time before I leave for liek another week or so. My trip report from Cuba is coming soon so stay tuned.

    Once again thanks to all and I will stay in touch with some of you on MSN and Facebook.

    Take it easy and happy flying !!


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    Certainly a unique way to celebrate 2000 posts on an aviation forum . Definitely a good one, but with 76 screenies probably a bit long. IMHO, would have been better to split up the post into 3-4 posts, with regards to loading time.
    Last edited by DAL767-400ER; 2007-11-21, 09:34.


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      Beautiful screenshots mate, I dont know how FS can improve from where it is now because those SS are as real as it gets.

      Good luck with your future mate. Although things will get busy for you I'm sure you'll always find time to browse through the forum. All the best!


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        Brilliant shots! I didn't want the post to come to an end.


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          Where'd you get the 1900 model from?


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            Nice screenies Pat. As always! I'm sure gonna miss your posts here. Good luck out there in the real world! Hope you still have time to come and browse every now and then.



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              Thank you for warm words
              Yeah found some time today, just after finishing another boring essay...this time about the French Revolution...
              Forgot to mention that the first bunch of shots comes from an old graphics card which is why there are some jaggies.
              I will try to find some time to browse through. Just wanted to tell you why I will be seen here less frequently so you don't think that I died in a car crash or that my girl has killed me haha
              Anyway I will still post that Cuba trip report this weekend.

              The 1900 model is by Precision Manuals (PMDG)


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                Those are some rather stunning images of FS. I have FSX on my PC but don't have much time to use it. How long did that take to add all those extras?


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                  Very nice shots there! They're all gorgeous
                  Bobby DeBarge
                  1999 Firebird Driver| Aviation Enthusiast


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                    Like everyone has said, well done on those shots... Hard to believe some of them are from FS.


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                      Danke schön !

                      I've got some free time today so if I fly I might post few more before I leave.


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                        One word


                        But tell me where did youget all those aircraft?
                        BH Airlines A319


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                          Where did you get the Toulouse airbus AI in the SIA A380 picture?

                          I wish I worked for Delta
                          AVL to ATL and CVG on Delta

                          My virtual airline is located here.