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AIFC Time problems

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  • Big777jet
    I tried email to the author. It seems never reply me back. Maybe his email changed or no longer. I have no idea why some are wrong time local that I have noticed same as yours.


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  • NathanBartlett
    started a topic AIFC Time problems

    AIFC Time problems

    Hi all.

    I have some questions about the AI Flight Creator Version 1.7.4.

    As i input local times (GMT +10 Canberra, Melbourne) there are a couple of hrs that show up wrong in the UTC time.

    for eg.

    Local UTC
    0/06:00 0/19:00
    0/07:00 0/20:00
    0/08:00 0/21:00
    0/09:00 0/12:00 ???
    0/10:00 0/13:00 ???
    0/11:00 0/02:00 ???
    0/12:00 0/01:00 ???
    0/13:00 0/02:00 ???

    Whats the go with the UTC times? the first few are ok but from 8am (local) to 9am the UTC goes haywire? Im pretty sure that 22:00 comes after 21:00 not 12:00 unless my school taught me wrong . Does this happen to anyone else? Also if its 0/07:00 local shouldnt the UTC show 6/20:00 as its the day before still in GMT ??? I've uninstalled and reinstalled but with no sucess. Any help would be greatly appreciated.