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Problems with FSX!

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  • Problems with FSX!


    Recently i have been having trouble with my FSX default AI Traffic.

    Whenever I see them some parts of the aircraft are not where the are meant to be.
    Here is an example.

    Today i was playing FSX and i was an AA 757-200 parked at MIA about to begin my flight to St Martin. I was in cockpit view and i could see an A321 in font of me at another gate (When this happens it usually does to an A321) and i looked at it and there were no doors on it (i could see right through) ,there were no cargo doors(there wasjust empty space inside where the door was meant to be) , the nose wheel was 5 meters above the plane (no sign of the other gear) and the rudder, flaps and elevators were missing but the plane still flies normally.

    Does anyone know the reason for this??

    I have my settings for aircraft on Ultra High and i cannot think of a reason why this is happening.

    Can i please have an answer ASAP.

    Help would be appreciated.


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    DON'T USE THE FSX DEFAULT TRAFFIC. Use World of AI. It is amazing and it works for FSX. They create several new packages every week and they are currently, as of this post, up to 169 airline packages, 25 cargo packages, 25 military packages, and 3 GA packages. Make sure you download the installer.

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      Badboys777 i`ve had the same prob.

      AVLWATCHER is there a free version of world of Al?
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