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AI Traffic disppeared climb after 9000FT???

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  • AI Traffic disppeared climb after 9000FT???

    What the heck going on with ai traffic plane disppeared climb 9,000 feet disappearing? What's going on with settings? I didn't changed or something. I think something do with scenery add-on features too high. I remembered this scenery was automatically add-on somehow it has do with changed autogen or high detail loss of ai traffic system. Don't you think so? What was the file from? I can try delete one of the file or change setting properly. Please help me.



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    A lot of times when an aircraft is so "late" in the system it will simply disappear and reappear where it should be at that time.
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      I just found out that Bremen Germany scenery installed was very bad to damaged ai traffic. All planes were disappearred after 10,000 ft climb. Never coming back. There were NO landing at all. No traffic above 10,000 ft at all. Something wrong with Bremen scenery from avsim download. The file was Do not attempt download. It is your own risk! I advised to email AVSim about this. I unistalled FS2004 and installed new FS2004 and it worked fine all ai traffic are flying around up to 45,000ft and coming down landing traffic. It went everything fine without Bremen scenery in my folder. I would never do it again his name author and Bremen scenery. It was bad file or something interupted ai traffic system. I have no clue where the file was and cannot discovery or deleted file. I have removed and install FS2004. It works fine now. It took me a long day to do that! Yikes!

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