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Ryanair Boeing 737-800: EICK-EPKK

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  • Ryanair Boeing 737-800: EICK-EPKK

    Evening everyone,

    Just flew this short flight today, edited the shots and decided to share them. Enjoy !

    Airline: Ryanair
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
    Registration: EI-DCL
    Flight No: RA8574
    Origin: Cork Airport, Ireland (EICK)
    Destination: Krakow Balice Airport, Poland (EPKK)
    Cruising altitude: 35000feet
    Cruising speed: 280kias

    Welcome aboard this Ryanair Boeing 737. Today flying the Dreamliner scheme

    Ryanair started flying to Poland as a result of mass migration of Poles to Ireland

    Taxiing to runway 35... no snow in Ireland

    Turning around at the end of runway 35 - Tower, we are ready for departure

    Bye bye Cork

    Quick departure

    Gear up

    Performing a 160 degree turn over the city of Cork

    Somewhere between Manchester and London, UK

    Reached our cruising altitude of 35000feet

    POSKY's model is just amazing

    Overcast over south-western Poland, as we tune to Warsaw Center

    Sharp turn on one of the waypoints

    Tatry mountains - the pride of Poland

    Snow at 4000feet, descending down to 2800ft

    Visual approach to runway 25 leads over the city of Krakow (Cracow)

    As seen from the city streets

    Finishing a 3-hour long trip from Ireland

    Flaps down, spoilers armed

    Over the highway

    As seen from a car passing on that same highway

    The hill in the background is a famouse place for spotters in real life

    Slowing down, kicking up some snow from the runway into the air

    Used the whole runway 25/7 to slow her down

    Vacated the runway, taxiing to gate 1

    Welcome to Krakow Balice/John Paul II International airport

    Surprisingly empty in Krakow today - only Austrian from Vienna and CentralWings from Heathrow...

    Thank you for visiting Krakow, Poland. Enjoy your stay !

    Thanks for watching
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    Great shots... Again.
    I think I'll try that very same flght later today, POSKY model looks really nice for sure.


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      I agree, that POSKY model isn't much short of PMDG at all! Great shots as always, Pat. You should get the payware Hong Kong scenery and do a stormy approach to Kai Tak. The package comes with a Typhoon approach. I'd love to see what you could get out of those shots.


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        Enhanced by the close-ups, here comes another fantastic gallery. Featuring the sistership blurred by the DCL's APU exhaust on # 1 is a nice find, good point, keep flying high.
        Thanks for visiting
        *Avimage's Monthly Slide list *


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          Thanks for comments Alex, Chasen and Alain Really appreciate the kind words from you.

          POSKY's model is imo better than PMDG. It includes better features, i.e. flexing wings. Merged with the NG panel from SkyDecks is just a delight to fly

          Chasen, there's a freeware Kai Tak scenery that just got released by Dragon9. I think you can expect some crazy runway 13 approach shots soon


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            Very impressive shots! That panel is very nice.