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PSS757 and Captain Sim 757

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  • PSS757 and Captain Sim 757

    Hi guys
    I have just bought PSS 757 and love the panel but hate the model. With Captain Sim it is the over way around.

    Is there anyone who have merged those two together and how did you.
    I have spend hours trying, but it always end up with I am missing the gear, emergency exits are open, cowlings are open and dust flags are on.

    This is also happening when just trying with the panel.
    Best regards

    Peter Lund

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    I would also be keen to learn how to change the panel for the Captain Sim 757 as I am experiencing the same problems as Peter. For now, I am having to settle for one of the default FS9 panels because changing it has crazy effects on the doors, engines etc.


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      I've heard the CS main panel never shows up right on the 752 for some reason.


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        I've tried merging the CS panel to another 752 and it doesn't work very well. It could be the same way with the PSS panel.

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