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editing aircraft cfg

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  • editing aircraft cfg

    I am doing ok with Just flight cargo pilot what i want to know as i can't find a cargo 737 anywhere is what do i need to edit to make one solely a cargo plane?

    thx in advance

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    I think you can't do that. You need the model to be cargo version. or try to adjust weights in aircarft.cfg.


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      As said, it would have to be modelled in if you want the look of a cargo plane. If windows are not modelled, you could use a passenger 737 w/ a cargo paint and just adjust the .cfg for the cargo weights. I have no idea how to do that though.

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        If you're looking for a B732 Cargo model. Look on AVSIM for TINMOUSE II they have a Cargo model with opening cargo door. BUT if your look for a Cargo Visual model & an AIRCRAFT.CFG file for cargo. You out of luck as far as I know. The Tinmouse II aircraft.cfg is set-up for self-loading cargo(PAX)

        While I'm thinking about it. POSKY has a -700 Cargo model as well, Not sure how the AIRCRAFT.CFG is set-up, can't remember, and my desktop w/FS is making its way across the Pacific Ocean right now,
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