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  • Back In Black - virtual flight report

    Just listening to that AC/DC album I borrowed from my friend. Ahh my ears hurt so much lol. Definately not my kind of music, but I like the album title.
    Just providing you with new screenshots, a flight I did at night, from tuesday to wednesday. Chris, I know you are waiting for the shots you requested. They are on their way, I just do not fly in the US too often
    Anyway, just a short, 4 hour leg on this wonderful Boeing 747. I hope you enjoy the screenies. Have fun !

    Airline: EL AL Israel Airlines
    Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
    Registration: 4X-ELD
    Flight No: ELY856
    Callsign: El Al 856 'Heavy'
    Origin: Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG/TLV), Tel Aviv, Israel
    Destination: Okecie Airport (EPWA/WAW), Warsaw, Poland
    Distance: +/- 1200nm
    Cruising speed: 275kias
    Cruising altitude: 40000ft/FL400
    Crew: 2 pilots + 8 flight attendants
    My seat: 87A (business class/upper deck)
    Passengers: 258 + 3
    Fuel at departure: 35%
    Fuel at touchdown: 7%
    Runway used during take off (TLV): rwy21
    Runway used during landing (WAW): rwy29 - visual
    Gate (TLV): D5 gate heavy
    Gate (WAW): 13 gate heavy
    Weather (TLV): clear, wind 5 knots
    Weather (WAW): overcast, rain, 15 knots
    Runway conditions (TLV): dry
    Runway conditions (WAW): wet

    Lima-Delta is what I will be flying today. Air Canada 763 flight to Toronto is seen at the gate, boarding before it's long transatlantic flight.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, flight ELY856 to Warsaw is ready to board. Please have your boarding passes and passports ready for a check.

    Tow truck with the luggage has just arrived, as the mechanics are finishing the last checks, and passengers (including myself) begin to board the aircraft.

    Jetbridge de-attached as the pilots are finalizing the pre-flight. 'Ground, disconnect external power and air. Prepare for pushback and engine start in 5 minutes'

    Slowly getting lighter and lighter outside, as this 747 is just minutes from the pushback. It's around 7am local right now.

    I was lucky to be allowed in the cockpit before the flight. This is the photo I took, while the pilots were setting the autopilot and the FMC. Ramon Tower in TLV is clearly visible.

    'Jerusalem' is now pushed back. 'Crew, you are cleared to start the engines', 'Ground, roger, we begin with engine number 1, have a good day', 'Roger, have a nice flight'

    Some 10 minutes later, we arrived at the holding point at the active runway 21. 'Ben Gurion tower, El Al 856 Heavy at 21, ready for take off'

    'El Al 856 Heavy cleared for take off'. Auto brakes at RTO, flaps at 5, landing lights on and auto throttle armed. We are ready to roll.

    Quick and easy take off at 160kias - being half empty

    Leaving Tel Aviv

    Taken by a spotter who woke up early to catch this bird's departure. Gotta love that wingflex !

    Climbing out. Engaging the LNav/VNav now.

    Took this photo while we climb out over the still slepy city of Tel Aviv

    Slow climb over the Mediterrenean Sea

    As soon as we reached 20000ft fligh attendants served drinks and peanuts. I went with Red Wine for the beginning.

    Some hour and a half later, while cruising over the Black Sea, controlled by Istanbul Center.

    Then the Flight Attendants served breakfast - a croissant with chocolate, sunshine eggs with beacon and a strong, black coffee. I decided to ask for one more wine. At the end we got a chocolate/cream cake for dessert.

    I kindly asked one of the F/As if it will be possible to visit the flight deck for a second, but unfortunately she responded tha due to security regulations after 9/11 noone is allowed in the cockpit, but the crew. However she was really nice and she said that she can take my camera and ask a pilot to snap a picture. Here's a picture I got:

    Cool, all the important instruments while cruising at FL400 !

    I then decided to take a short nap.

    Somewhere over Hungary

    With Lvov center. Weather got worse as we entered Ukrainian airspace

    I woke up by a nice bell signalizing that the captain has turned on the seat belt sign.

    'Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we would like to ask you to return to your seats and fasten the seat belts. We are expected to land at Warsaw airport in about 20 minutes. Current temperature in Warsaw is +1 dergee celsius, with rain. Thank you'

    Great.. rain and 1 degree. Going to be a fun landing..

    Begun our descend as the pilots prepare their charts for runway 29 visual approach.

    Strong tailwind forced the captain to extend sppoilers in order to slow down to below 250kias before entering the 10000ft boarder.

    At about 4000 feet we were welcomed by the freezing rain. Anti-Ice on for sure

    Looking out the window, as we are holding 2000 feet. What you can see is the Wisla river - biggest river in Poland, going all the way from the mountains to the Baltic Sea.

    Finally got clearance to land. Gear and flaps down. Spoilers armed. Autobrakes at 1 to avoid skidding off the runway

    Looking good on the g/s

    Flaring over 29, looking at two LOT Boeing 767-300. Both are soon going to depart to USA - one to Chicago and the other one to New York City.

    A pretty smooth touchdown, for those weather conditions..

    Applying the reversers

    About to put the nose down

    Left the runway, turned onto 33/15. LOT 735 was landing just behing me.

    'Ladies and gentlemen we have arrived at Warsaw Okecie, Fryderyk Chopin airport. We would like to ask you to remain seated until we arrive at the gate and captain turns off the seat belt sign. On behalf of El Al Israel Airlines, we would liek to thank you for flying with us, hope you enjoyed the flight, and we wish you a nice stay in Warsaw. Thank you'

    Arrived at the gate

    As you can see, Warsaw airport is still under construction, preparing for 787 arrival The new control tower is still not ready, as well as one of the wings of the new terminal. At least the jet bridges fit perfectly =)

    Thank you for flying with us =)

    EL AL Israel is so far the only airline, that operates Boeing 747-400 to Warsaw on a regular basis. The flight is usually in the summer time and during any holocaust memorial days as well as WWII anniversaries. Other than that, EPWA is served by EL AL's Boeing 737NGs.

    Thank you for watching,
    please leave a comment


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    You have no idea how much I missed you!

    It's great to have the king of screenies back in black!

    Check out the latest news in the FOTD.



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      Haha thanks Chris !
      King of screenies ? I don't know lol. Are they really that good ? =)
      I visited the OTF. Nothing interesting going on there really


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        Originally posted by pkonowrocki
        King of screenies ? I don't know lol. Are they really that good ? =)
        The best I've ever seen.

        Not much that you missed. No more PMs for me as every time I go to that page my computer freezes. Feature is disabled until further notice. If you want to tell me something put it in our 'secret thread'.



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          Lol ok man I will. Thanks again. I gotta run now, saturday night, time to relax, meet my girlfriend and buddies, hit the bar..


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            hey mate,

            how do u take those screenies? amazing graphics, and how do u get the air bridges in tel aviv?
            There's nothing like an airport for bringing you down to earth. Richard Gordon


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              Great pictures

              How can AC/DC music make your ears hurt? It is legendary Try something alittle softer, Atreyu
              You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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                Haha yea Alec, I'm not used to hard metal or what you call that music genre I like Linking Park and the Offspring though from rock. I'm more into euro/techno and rap

                Taking a screenshot ? I use the screenshot button on my keyboard ('PrtSc' - near the Pause key) then I paste into MSPaint. Save as a BMP. Then open Paint Shop Pro, edit and save as a highest quality JPG. Using set compression value to 1 or 2. Then post

                The air bridges in Tel Aviv? It's a part of a freeware add on scenery I got from Just search 'Ben Gurion'


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                  awesome as always Patryk!


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                    Originally posted by pkonowrocki
                    Linking Park
                    That would be Linkin Park

                    AC/DC isnt even hard rock, it is classic rock
                    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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                      Thanks Chris

                      My bad lol Linkin Park
                      Ya classic rock now, along with Metallica. Those are the only classic rock bands, whose CDs I have in my collection.


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                        You are definately the king of screenshots. I with my comp could get that good of graphics. Nice choice in music. Linkin park is pretty awesome.

                        I wish I worked for Delta
                        AVL to ATL and CVG on Delta

                        My virtual airline is located here.