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ATC Bugs in FS 02?

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  • ATC Bugs in FS 02?

    I've noticed numerous issues with the ATC in FS'02:

    1) During flights into and out of KROC from or going to the West, when I fly over Southern Ontario, I'm always under the "watchful eyes" of Moncton Center!

    2) Whenever I fly out of KDEN on westbound flights, I get stuck on flying on a particular heading after departure, and I never get turned around going toward the actual destination! A couple of examples:

    This morning, I was attempting to fly a DEN-SEA flight, but even though my IFR flight plans had my route going directly to SEA, the ATC had me going at a northerly heading of 340, and I spent 40 to 45 minutes flying northward all the way just short of the Montana state line when I threw in the towel.

    Also, I've had similar experiences recently with California bound flights out of DEN, but going southward into New Mexico. This problem seems to be limited to just flights in and out of Denver, and only during daylight done during nighttime don't have these bizarre things occuring.

    I sent a e-mail to MS asking if they had any patches for these issues, but haven't heard back from them as of yet.

    I can't upgrade to FS X unfortunately since my computer appears to be just under the system requirements.

    Has anyone else experienced these issues?

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    Ever think of 2004?
    Tanner Johnson - Owner
    twenty53 Photography


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      Originally posted by Tanner_J
      Ever think of 2004?
      Yeah, I did consider FS04 for a bit, but it seems that the majority of the new additions on that edition are planes of the past, and I'm more into the more modern types to fly (I'll gladly "hop into" the FS'02 Corsair though every now and then.)

      I guess I could eventually purchase a copy of FS'04, and delete the older planes that I wouldn't utilize to free-up disk space.


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        Who actually flies the default planes?

        Get FS9 and go to and download to your hearts content.


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          Originally posted by Crunk415balla
          Who actually flies the default planes?

          Get FS9 and go to and download to your hearts content.

          Unfortunately, my computer is not hooked online (and probably won't be for the next few weeks to a month at minimum), so I'm stuck with the default aircraft for the time being

          I did ask my mom to download about five second party aircraft though on some of those writable computer discs to ship out, hopefully she gets around to doing it sooner than later (though I'll probably have to wind up resorting to "pestering" her a couple weeks just to do the downloads!)

          Thanks for the "" reccomendation Crunk, I'll have to see if there's any more I can add to my "want list"!

          Update: I should have a A320, A340-600, Citation X as well as a Tupolev Tu-22M by this Monday coming up!