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Best Aircraft download for FS2002?

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  • Best Aircraft download for FS2002?

    Hi, I am getting FS2002 pro at Christmas so I am looking forward to downloading aircraft for the game, therfore I thaught it would be a good idea to run a sort of competion into which aircraft is best to download.

    The sections I am looking into are:

    1) Best Airbus download

    2) Best Boeing download

    3) Best Regional Jet download(i.e Embrear, BAe etc)

    4) Best Prop Aircraft download (i.e DHC, Dornier)

    Please include the airline and website it came from. [img]nod.gif[/img]

    I look forward to reading your replies


    jmc_757-200 [img]heart.gif[/img] JMC

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    Best Aircraft download for FS2002?

    you'll need the following urls: (allthough they're out with a new website, dunno if it's 100% working yet)

    You'll find everything you need here ..
    Others might add up more stuff that I've forgotten .. There are TONS of aircraft to download "out there" ..



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      Best Aircraft download for FS2002?

      No kidding, tons of planes. Best beat would be, they have Project Airbus, Posky, and many other great models. Also there is IFDG, FFG, but I am unaware of there URLs.
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