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I love Cali in the summer time..

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  • I love Cali in the summer time..

    ..Oh boy, Los Angeles, I just wanna say much love to my big brother Kurupt Young Gotti! Later man! Yeah I hear the West Coast, put it down, they call me Roscoe by the way just so you know..

    One of West Coast classics to me, if you don't know it, then your defiantely missin one of the best shyts out there..
    Anyway, I realised it's been more than a year since I last flew a VFR in a GA plane lol. Last time it was a VFR tour around Sicily, and was fun, so decided to get the good, old Stationair and fly somewhere nice. Decided on a lil' trip in Cali. Just short hops from Santa Monica to Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and finally Oceano. And of course took some shots, enjoy !

    All set and ready. My Cessna waiting for me, parked at Santa Monica Mun. airport, LA. Sorry bout the messed up clouds, but I took this shot when Active Sky was updating the weather.. :/

    The good, old gauges. A nice change from all those LCDs

    Santa Monica skyline in the background.. gotta love early moring smog in LA

    Looking at the Santa Monica pier and the highrises by Ocean Avenue

    Over the Ocean, will hold 3000ft at 80kias

    Correcting the heading, as we get some traffic ahead of us

    Don't want to loose visual contact with the coast in this fog

    Approaching my first destination - Santa Cruz

    After a short stop I'm back in the air, this time heading to Santa Barbara. Left all the fog behind. Now that's the weather I like

    Descending to S.Barbara

    On final, I think the reg. is perfect for where I'm flying

    Back in the sky, heading to Oceano, over light clouds

    A shot from 6000 feet

    Descending towards Oceano airport

    Perfect weather, luv it

    On final

    Btw. I flew those flights on VATSIM which is why there are no landing shots and no traffic. Anyway I will be flying the return flight back to Monica later tonight, so stay tuned.

    I think I'm gonna switch to FSX. Better visuals and stuff lol


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    I have no what the hell your on about but the SS's are pretty neat.


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      I like your shots but man, maybe take it easy on the color saturation and editing...I like them to look somewhat similar to actual FS

      I usually just bump mine a little contrast and maybe 1 pass of light sharpening.


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        btw, as I asked in the other thread, what is your FS04 LAX scenery?


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          Lol I was about that song by Roscoe ft. Kurupt "I Love Cali In The Summer Time"
          Thanks for great comments !!
          Advice taken, will use less next time
          Sorry, I didn't see your question in the precious thread, the LAX scenery I use is payware by Cloud9. One of my fav. addons for FS ever.

          I just finished flying back and will post shots soon


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            Return shots, again VATSIM, controller at Los Angeles Center only :/

            Arrived back at the airport.

            All dark and cold

            Heading back south

            My fav. time of the day for flying

            Cruisin' n chillen'

            Californian sunset

            Some air-to-air action

            Santa Maria

            Bored in flight

            Santa Barbara

            Mulholland Drive ?

            Back at Santa Monica

            Thanks for watching



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              STRAIGHT HOMIE!

              Great shots, I miss Vatsim. It sucks when your FS computer refuses to go on the internet.


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                Thanks bro,
                Vatsim is a lot of fun, but I will stick to flying GA online only for now