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How to change an aircraft's performance?

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  • How to change an aircraft's performance?

    Hi all,

    Forgive me if my question isn't particularly clear, but I was wondering how you can change an aircraft's performance/behaviour?

    I have the Overland A319/A320/A321 and find them almost unusuable, as when you begin the descent, the aircraft appears to be nose-diving, despite only descending at 1,000 or so feet per minute. None of the other Overland aircraft have this problem, nor does any other aircraft add-on that I have.

    If I also have the Project Airbus A320, what can I do (if anything), to make my Overland aircraft 'behave' in the same way that the Project Airbus one does?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hi Micheal,
    I don't about making a FDE. But during the descent, u should use the spoilers; not full but just 1/3. Nose down pitch upto 10 degrees is acceptable on the A320 series. And check ure Gross Weight, and the Centre-of-Gravity.



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      Go to Overlands site ( - They have updated FDEs on the site. There are very big files (200mb I think) but it deffinatly makes a difference.

      It updates all Airbus/Boeing aircraft - Just make sure you have a very big runway if using the A343


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        That's possible aircraft.cfg is error. If you try different company download same aircraft check aircraft.cfg compare if it is big difference then try copy aircraft.cfg. If it is working for you that you like the way flying it is.



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          How fast are you going when you start descending? And from what altitude?

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            Perhaps your trim isn't set correctly?
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