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  • porter guy
    nice man, I liked your new personal airport.

    I have4 tried many times to make an airport but I never got the lat. long. right. so it would end up somewere random, so the hight would be off.

    If you want realistic AI at the airport I can show you how

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  • DTVAirport
    started a topic DC3 Pleasure Flying

    DC3 Pleasure Flying

    As I write this, there is a Douglas DC-3C of Air Atlantique (G-AMPY) parked on stand 1 at Durham Tees Valley Airport. The reason it's there is it's doing a series of pleasure flights at several UK airports as part of its farewell tour. Today ( Friday 13th June 2008 ) it performed nine 20 minute local, low-level flights, and will do a similar number tomorrow, before moving on to a different airport and repeating the process. After visiting DTVA today and watching her, I decided to recreate the flights on Flight Simulator, and the results are below - enjoy!

    Flight Information:
    Aircraft: Douglas DC-3C
    Airline: Air Atlantique
    Registration: G-AMPY
    Flight Number: GAMPY
    Call Sign: GAMPY
    Departure Airport: Durham Tees Valley [MME/EGNV]
    Arrival Airport: Durham Tees Valley [MME/EGNV]
    Cruise Altitude: FL015 [1,500ft]
    Cruise Speed: Full power
    Date: 13-06-2008
    Scheduled Flight Time: 20 minutes
    Actual Flight Time: Can't remember
    Scheduled Departure Time: N/A
    Actual Departure Time: 11:27
    Scheduled Arrival Time: N/A
    Actual Arrival Time: Can't remember
    Departed From Runway: 05
    Arrived On Runway: 05
    Weather: Fair weather (FS04 default weather theme)

    Parked on stand 1:

    Another view:

    Taxiing to runway 05 via Delta taxiway:

    Rolling (looks more like fast movement to me, rather than rolling? ):

    Just after departure:

    Another view:

    As seen from the Tower:

    Leaving Durham Tees Valley behind:

    Climbing to 1,500ft:

    Banking to the north near the coast:

    Over the North East:

    I spotted the airport I'm in the process of creating, so I took the opportunity to do an overshoot; as you can see, there's no buildings yet except for those of the residents who have yet to be evicted, and their houses demolished!!

    On our way back; a Dash8-Q100 is on finals - it had to go around due to a PA28 not clearing the runway in time, damned AI traffic!

    Turning onto finals:

    Unfortunately that's where it ends; those of you who have viewed my screenshots before will know that more often than not I crash during landing; but annoyingly, in what was turning out to be a perfect landing, it wasn't the plane that crashed, it was the damned computer!! Oh well. Anyway, the DC3 is a sod to handle on the ground, but beautiful in the air - it won't be too much longer before I'm back in one, bringing you more poor quality, overly narrated screenshots!