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"Safe Mode" in FS2002 Pro

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  • "Safe Mode" in FS2002 Pro

    Can anyone help me with this?:

    Every time I run FS 2002 Pro, I get a warning message saying my video card doesn't support hardware acceleration, so FS will run in safe mode.

    My hardware is about 2 years old... It's a Dell with a P3 chip running at 773 MHz, and an NVIDIA GeForce 256 video card... I have uninstalled the old video drivers and installed the latest drivers... But, I still get the error... Is there anything else I can try, or am a outta luck?

    This is my work computer, so it's probably just as well... FS works perfectly fine on my home PC...

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    "Safe Mode" in FS2002 Pro

    I got that when i disabled my Radeon 9700 to try and get it going. Damn thing still wont work [img]nonono2.gif[/img]
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      "Safe Mode" in FS2002 Pro

      Well, apparently even though I *HAD* a hot video card, that card doesn't cut it when compared to todays stuff... So, even with hardware acceleration turned on, it still can't crunch enough data to keep up with FS!

      So, guess it's either buy a new card, or just deal with safe mode.