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  • FSX help please

    My dad rewrote the computer so I had to reinstall FSX.

    but a few problems have come up. During the night when I turn my lights off every other plane that is the same type(such as airliner in this case) all follow suit.

    can anyone help?
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    I think they liked your idea of reducing Light polution and decided to do their bit towards a cleaner planet. Air Traffic Controllers do a good job and you obviously trust them as does everyone else who have just followed you. It's just a bit of fun for it's only a microsoft simulator, just remain a little more vigilant and scan more constantly.
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      sounds like .cfg problem. Which lights are you turning off? landing, taxi, beacon, strobe, nav?
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        It doesn't matter, even if I turn one light on it will turn on all for the ai traffic, but I got some WOAI traffic so the problem should be over
        I'm the guy... Porter Guy