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  • Flight Plans help plz

    What tools do i need to make flightplans from scratch please i have TTools and Yroute but i cant do anything with them apart from decompile original plans and edit them i want to start from scratch to populate EGCC as WOAI packs hardley have any for MAN


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    download ai flightplanner from avsim, that will help if you are doing ai for FSX
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      WOAI has 44 packages that include flights to EGCC. That sounds like a lot.
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        Originally posted by Tanner_J
        WOAI has 44 packages that include flights to EGCC. That sounds like a lot.
        I thought so too, but the airport still seems sparsely populated, even with the scores of airlines I've manually added on top of the WOAI packages.

        You're going to need Ttools and probably a program like AI Flight Creator, which is freeware. You're going to also need to check MANs website and see if they have a timestable you can look use to make your plans, as you do require timestables to make FS flightplans. If MAN has one including all flights, that would be ideal as filling MAN with traffic seems to be your goal.

        I just finished making flightplans for Reno Air Express, who flew a handfull of J31s out of SJC in the mid 90s, and let me tell you, its a long process. Matching all the flights and making sure every flight was accounted for wasn't an easy task, if you want to create flightplans for all the traffic at EGCC, you're in for a multi-day project.


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          Thx guys i know its going to be long process but like you say even with WOIA EGCC is not very well populated even with AI on 100%