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  • your custom ai

    what custom ai packages do you have, or are working on?

    I currently have; sunwing, zoom, skyservice(summer 08 so there's not to many flights), continental express(semi complete missing all connection aircraft except the Q400 and dash 8 100), calm air, Harmony, Austrian, Ukraine international, aerosvit, jet airway[ A330's and 777's only at this point(on of my favorite)], cargo jet, Kelowna flight craft, Miami air, air transat, antonov an124 package, canjet, flair airlines, Caribbean airlines, and on the drawing board; united express, us airways express, air Inuit(Quebec hydro), lot polish, and delta connection(this one is back to the drawing board cause it didn't work.

    here are some spotting pics I took in Toronto

    heres a colgan air Q400 arriving from EWR

    zoom 767 arriving from gatwick

    an alitalia 767 arriving from Rome

    a sunwing 738 probably arriving from Cancun

    and my favorite a skyservice A330-300 awaits passengers for it's 21:30 departure to Rome
    I'm the guy... Porter Guy

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    Can't beat world of ai. gets updated all the time and it's so easy to install.




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      There is also tons of airlines.

      Click flightplans then whatever you like to pick one any of airline in the world.

      Enjoy Flying,



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        On top of all the world of AI packages, I have also manually installed numerous airlines and created my own flightplans as well. My FS even has a time machine I created, with traffic from the 50s/60s(thanks to, 70s, 80s, 90s, and early 00s all ready to be put into the skies of FS. I haven't done much in the way of the retro plans, but check back in a few months and FS will be jammed packed with retro airliners. Here is a list of my airlines excluding WOAI packages and the 50s/60s CalClassics package:

        My projects:
        Cal Sierra(1980)
        Tahoe Air(1999)
        STOL Air(1975)
        Aspen Air(1980)
        Reno Air Express op. by Mid Pacific Air(1994)
        California Air Shuttle(1990)
        Sun Land Airlines(1981)
        Trans States op. for UsAir Express(1996)

        60s: (*Airlines included in CalClassics package, but I added late 60s jets FPs)
        Delta Airlines Cargo
        West Coast Airlines
        Air West
        United Airlines Cargo
        Eastern Cargo
        Pan Am*
        Holiday Airlines
        Bonanza Airlines*
        TWA Cargo
        United Airlines*
        (+Air Canada, Southern Air, and CP Air not yet installed)

        Air California
        (+21 Airlines not yet installed)

        none yet

        Acess Air
        Air Tran Airways
        ATA Chicago Express
        Eastwind Airways
        Key Air
        Laker Airways USA
        Midway Airlines (91)
        Midway Airlines (98 )
        Midway Connection(91)
        Morris Air
        National Airlines
        Pan Am
        Pan Am Express
        Reno Air
        Spirit Airlines
        Sudan Airways
        Tower Air
        United Worldwide Cargo
        Western Pacific
        (+16 Airlines not yet installed)

        Air Canada
        Air Canada Jazz
        Air Wisconsin(AirTran Connection)
        Alaska Airlines
        Atlantic Coast Airlines(United Express)
        Horizion Air
        American Airlines
        American Eagle
        Ammerican Connection
        Continental Airlines
        Continental Connection
        Continental Express
        Independence Air
        National Airlines
        Northwest Airlines
        Skywest(Delta Connection)
        Spirit Airlines
        United Airlines

        Over 215 not including WOAI packages. Heres a screenshot of the folders, each containing at least that airline, sometimes others as well.

        Lets just say the internet hasn't worked on my FS computer in over a year and I needed to compensate for the lack of VATSIM...


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          I have a little dilema with my AI: I've donwloaded about 30 packs from WOAI, and about 5 AFCADs for the major US and Australian airports, but still, the airports are half empty, and only ever is there one major airline bunched up at a time, For example: I wont see a lot of each, Delta United and Jet Blue in JFK, instead at one given time, there will be a bunch of deltas, then another time a bunch of uniteds and another for JB.

          How can i fix that?

          I also cant find Southwest any where in the US.
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