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flying the 737, no winglets attached

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  • flying the 737, no winglets attached

    I made a flight from YYZ to YOW on 007(WJA 737-700) hope you guys like the shots

    after push back looking at the new terminal 1, I am using default scenery because I don't like the download able one because I can't improve the afcad

    waiting for an AC E190 to get ot of the way, err I mean takeoff

    departing runway 23

    doing a 180 to get on course to Ottawa

    climbing toward the sky

    pretty fogy down there

    almost at Fl 300

    at cruising altitude

    I took this shot cause I always find it so funny when the vapor trails leave the engines

    turning for approach to ottawa(visuall runway 25)

    turning towards yow

    gear down almost there

    parked at the ramp

    some jazz planes and a porter plane
    I'm the guy... Porter Guy