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  • Need Help with a VA

    I'm looking to put together a team to create a new virtual airline.

    At this moment in time it's an executive virtual airline, currently without a name, operating a single C525, with a further 9 due as and when they're needed.

    I need people who would be willing to give roughly a couple of hours per week minimum, to fill the following positions:

    CFO (Chief Financial Officer) - must be good with Mathematics
    CTO (Chief Technical Officer) - must have a good knowledge of doing repaints/scenery etc
    Managing Director - may need to give more than the stated 2 hours per week

    Once the VA is established, there will be other managerial posts to fill, including Human Resources Director, Commercial and Marketing Director, and Chief Pilot.

    Now, I know people will be quick to tell me that the VA market is already overcrowded and I don't stand much of a chance of survival, especially since I'm not putting any money into the venture. It's merely for my own pleasure, and if it's successful it's successful, if it's not, it's not, but I'll persevere even if I'm operating all flights myself!


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