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Some of you guys who have problem with WOAI for Air Chathams.

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  • Some of you guys who have problem with WOAI for Air Chathams.

    Hi Y'All,

    I just discovered to figured it out myself. When I see no ai plane on the ramp with the schedule time. I couldn't see what went wrong. I looked carefully review all filenames in the aircraft folder. I found that filename wasn't match correctly from the author made a mistake or didn't test for ai plane in FS2004. I have already downloaded last year CV-580 folder. This WOAI folder aircraft wasn't match where I have old one.

    You need to download model base from Dee Waldron's site.
    2. Download Convair 580. Put in the folder. Keep that.
    3. After you download Air Chathams WOAI. Find the folder WOA DW CV580.
    4. You get open TEXTURE.CVA-AIR CHATHAMS
    5. Open texture folder: Three bitmaps filenames. One is keep "CV580.bmp" 2 other files deleted it.
    6. Get the Dee Waldron folder CV580 get 2 filenames "CV580_L" and "PROP_HS"
    7. Go to aircraft.cfg change to "sim=CV580 for ATC traffic" Dee Waldron's model air called "CV580 for ATC traffic.air" must have name file for the folder CV-580. Not CV580.air.

    Then you're done. It should be working fine AI plane.

    Hope this helps you out without your fraustrated not seeing the ai plane in New Zealand.

    By the way for issue scenery:

    Make sure you download Chathams airport afcad. I see one of the Chathams filename called "" from avsim that is a big problem with extract file.

    After you download then don't extract the filename. Try open windows explorer.

    1. You see the double filenames Scenery and Texture. You see logo file zip icon leave them alone. Other two folders Scenery and texture without the icon. Do delete it. There are two filenames without icon scenery and texture are zero bytes that's an empty file. Somehow dumb author made a mistake. The extract won't work because confuse duplicate two folders. After you delete it. Then you can extract the whole files. It works fine. After you install. I found the afcad was error locate the short stop and hold "red dot" too far away from runway 250 feet. You can edit "AFCAD EDITOR" delete or move to the closer runway so that ai traffic will active. If you don't edit. AI plane will stuck for 15 minutes and vanish.

    That's all I have to telling you about my discovered big problem both WOAI and scenery for Air Chathams.

    Enjoy Flying,