Here we go, I recently offered the possibility to give you some of my Jets (freeware, but as avsim is still down, isnt it? Maybe I can help those who still have a virgin simulator.)..
Let's see what my hangar bears.. yes, two (!) KLM MD-11s, PH-KCD and PH-KCE , to call this beauty a work horse is probably an insult (but she does a lot of miles, although no reproduction has happened since the year 2000), judge by yourself (left to right):
1. PH-KCD in KLM OC.. nice but already a little grey at the bottom..
2. PH-KCE in KLM NC.. sort of a photo date, at KSEA - 0430 am local.
3. PH-KCE in KLM NC.. on her way to Sint Maarten - classical a/c, classical destination.