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BOS-YYZ Air Canada A320

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  • BOS-YYZ Air Canada A320

    Afternoon service back to Toronto...

    Company A319 heading out of YYZ

    Spot the King Air as we descend over Buffalo!

    Descending west of YYZ for an ILS to 05

    Dropping gear about 5 miles out for 05

    View over the dashboard on short final

    Reversers closing as we pass the crossing runway

    Pulling up to the gate

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    nice job man. I love how you have traffic from around the era of the game you are playing, great. Thats some realy old colours on that TSC A330
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      Oh my freighen god man! That is fantasticly amazing! I love it so much! At first I thought it was reality, but no! Is this FS9 or FSX? Also is the traffic WOAI? Too bad that the KLM and AT were in the old colours... Wonderful anyways, where is the aircraft from? Another thing, is the scenery Blueprints simulations, or CYYZ2007 from Avsim/Flight sim or other. Thanks Please do a flight like this from LHR-YYZ and show the traffic a lot!
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        It's the Adobe AI traffic package in FS9

        The pack is extremely diverse, you'll see klm airplanes in new and old colors and the same goes for most all airlines in the midst of make-overs.

        It is starting to get a little dated now in 2009, without things like Delta/NW merger and US Air/Cactus but still looks great imo.


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          The scenery I found on, it's pretty good though sort of basic.