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LH-B744 at KEWR

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  • LH-B744 at KEWR

    This is Lufthansa B744 with flight LH402 coming from EDDF, cleared to land rwy 22L . From left to right
    02: Welcome to Newark.
    03: displaced threshold.
    04: touchdown.
    05: the FS9 KEWR terminals (needs to be "renovated", any add-ons recommended?)
    06: displaced thresholds on both ends, ground speed 0
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    The German long haul is alive, since more than 60 years.
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.