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  • FedEx DC-10-30F KPHX-KOAK

    Afternoon flight around the westcoast

    Crossing 7R to depart 7L

    Holding on 7L with departing traffic on upwind

    I need to get some Phoenix scenery...

    Turning right while a Cactus 757 off of 8 goes left

    Great climb performance today even in the heat of the desert with a light load of fuel

    Passing Luke AFB and Glendale AZ

    Colorado River below as we cross into California at FL360

    Southwest 737 opposite direction traffic likely heading to Phoenix

    Navigating some thunderheads near Twentynine Palms, CA

    Halfway through our descent into OAK and getting vectored for spacing East of Santa Cruz and Monterrey Ba, CA

    Passing over South Co. Airport

    Continuing down

    Dropping some flaps and slowing up abeam Moffet Federal and the big blimp hangars

    Established on the ILS runway 29 and slowing

    Hayward Executive Airport with everything hanging on final to 29

    Over the numbers 29 with a company 727 on final in the distance. Made the first turnoff for a quick taxi to parking