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KPDX-PAJN FedEx 757 (Flightzone scenery!)

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  • KPDX-PAJN FedEx 757 (Flightzone scenery!)

    Got the fantastic Flightzone 02 scenery of the Portland area. It includes Hilsboro, Pearson, Troutdale and Portland International all done in stunning photoreal detail with custom ground textures, photo scenery for the greater portland area, and enhanced landclass and mesh for an area that extends a little further beyond that.

    Also featured here is Holger Sandmann's excellent "Glacier Bay" scenery which covers a very large area of Alaska north and west of the Juneau area, including Skagaway (I posted shots with a helicopter from there a while back). Custom mesh, landclass, ground textures, macros, ship/air AI traffic, and detailed airports. You can get the scenery free @

    About to get a tug to push from the FedEx ramp

    Expressnet A300 on the stand near the DHL building

    Joining the queue for 28L this afternoon

    Southwest rolling as we take the runway

    Alaska traffic on a 3 mile final as we climb away

    Scenery could use some more custom autogen

    Pearson Field off the right side

    Climbing northwest of Mt. St. Helens

    Approaching the Alaskan border over B.C. Canada.

    Left turn to enter the long straight that leads to the Juneau airport and runway 26

    Downtown Juneau is on the right side ahead

    Over the cruise ship terminal

    Cleared to land 26, gear down

    Lazy dog leg to final

    Mooney holding short

    Parked at Alaska Air Cargo

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    The Flightzone scenery is sick! I have Rhode Island, which I highly recommend if you haven't got it. Holger's work is also top notch!
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      Amazing! That is some amazing scenery for Juneau. In fact, I am home sick now.
      You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven