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New FSX shots...SP2 + Direct X 10

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  • Jan-Jasinski
    Nice shots! I got the service pack 2 too but don't know how to use it, but I got Aerosoft AES downloaded and you need SP2. I still need to figure it out a little. AES is the GSE (Ground Service Equipment) search it on youtube and and ggole just right Aerosoft AES download

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  • Leftseat86
    started a topic New FSX shots...SP2 + Direct X 10

    New FSX shots...SP2 + Direct X 10

    So, Service Pack 2 allowed me to start running in Direct X 10 on this Vista machine, and along with multi-core processor support it seems to have bumped performance up by 20%. I can also have a lot of effects and graphics settings much higher.

    Looks like I need to replace the water texture again but otherwise the game looks better than ever. 2 hour flight in the Baron over the west coast of Canada + a few day time shots around my destination (Orca Island Airport).

    Coming down north of Victoria

    Orca Island runway 16 straight ahead