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  • Bujuraj_Vataranjan
    If you're just changing planes on a flightplan, extract the files manually to a temporary folder. Go into the aircraft.cfg file and copy the "title" of the plane you want as a replacement. Then in the "Aircraft" text file created from your WOAI plans, paste the desired aircraft over the name of the aircraft you want to replace. Compile the files using TTOOLS into your main FS/Scenery/World/Scenery folder.

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  • deltafan92
    started a topic AI Flight Planner

    AI Flight Planner

    How do I save the flights to FSX? I have tried to read the manual but I still cant get any changes I make to WOAI flight plans to load into FSX. When I try to just change the aircraft in the WOAI flight plans, I save the flight changes, re-compile the flight plan into the original WOAI folder and then open FSX, it says it is adding scenery files but when I go to the airport nothing changes. Anyone have a simple way to explain it? Thank you for any replies.