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Watching the angle enroute VHHH-RJAA

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  • Watching the angle enroute VHHH-RJAA

    Welcome on board B744 from Hong Kong Intl to Tokyo-Narita.
    These pictures belong to a "landing angle"-topic some days ago. We wanted to know "how far do you pull during t/o and during final approach".
    This is a simulator-answer (pics are sorted backwards, with special attention to the touchdown):

    ground speed = 0.

    touchdown. as far as i can remember, the angle was 8.

    coming in nice and slow.

    welcome to Tokyo.

    a different angle..

    Hong Kong departure, I gained v/s by only pulling 8-10 at the adequate speed, then the a/p took over.

    That's what airlines are good for, amongst others,
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