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    This integrated graphic chip of your intel 865g "Springdale" has a clockrate of 266mhz, so you should install a 8x AGP Graphic card with more RAM. A word to the RAMemory: not every chip offered will give a good performance in speed, so check some benchmark tests displayed at the web. This can sometimes be helpful before upgrading a computer.
    For myself I use a 4 year old Dell Optiplex GX620 with a 3.2 P4, 4GB RAM and an ATI 512MB PCI Express. Before upgrade it had a 64MB integrated graphic chip and only 1GB of RAM, which was not that high-speed machine. Now my games are running like hell and working with CS3 under XP is a pleasure.

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  • LH-B744
    You can run FS9 + Flytampa scenery with your integrated graphics chipset?
    Ok, the result is not brilliant, but it works, which I almost doubted when I was reading this:

    If your chipset is i865g (is it?) and if I read that link correctly (open the DVMT2.0 link, pdf-reader required), then your computer offers you a video memory of not more than 16 MB.

    2 GB RAM are ok, but if no additional video memory is available*, that may not be enough. So what I would do is:
    Build in a 2,5GHz-processor (better 3GHz), the faster the better.
    Change your mainboard, get one with the latest integrated graphics, up to 384 MB video memory taken from two, three or four GB RAM are useful,
    or even better
    Build in a fast agp- or pciExpress-videocard, you can send me pm if you need further recommendation.

    *the i865g uses up to 16MB, taken from your 2GB RAM, so you don't have additional video memory.

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  • swaman
    started a topic Computer help needed

    Computer help needed

    My computer is having a hard time running FS2004. With default aircraft and default scenery i get max 20 FPS. With default aircraft and Flytampa scenery i get 10 FPS. No traffic at all.

    Here are my computer specs.

    Dell dimension 1100

    Memory is DDR SDram. 2 gigs memory. video card is Intel Extereme graphics 2.

    2 PCI slots available.

    Any idea on what i should do?