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Online Trip to the Sun, on FSX this summer !

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  • Online Trip to the Sun, on FSX this summer !

    i just read about this !

    On June 24th, All pilots willing to take-part in this enjoyable flight, should be online and on the dedicated server.

    Earlier in that day, Feeder flights from Smaller & Larger airports in Canada and the United States, will fly into New York JFK.
    From there, (all pilots will either grab a ride from another pilot, or take their own plane its your choice) pilots will fly across to London Heathrow, arriving early in the morning.

    Then, feeder flights from other UK and other european countries will land at London Heathrow. Pilots who have recently arrived from Overseas, will have time to rest and relax while waiting for these feeder flights to arrive.

    From here, pilots will pair up, and fly over to Alicante,Spain on a short 2 hour flight.

    After a short 2 day virtual holiday in Spain.
    Passengers (optional) can fly to another destination or fly home.
    Here is the itinerary for continuing to another destination.

    A little after lunchtime (local time) all pilots will have a short one hour flight to Madrid.
    From there, after an hours wait, all pilots will hop into a much larger jet, and fly over to St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. Pilots will have the opportunity to spot other pilots landing after the flight from Madrid (will you be able to handle it, or will you be too tired from the long flight and embarrass yourself ?)
    After another short 2 day virtual holiday.
    All pilots will pair up and fly over to New York Newark, and will then either hop back onto a feeder flight or stay in the big apple for a while.

    Itinerary for Going Home from Alicante :

    After all pilots going to St Maarten have departed, all pilots will take a short flight over to Paris CDG. From there its a simple hop across the pond back to JFK. From there you can stay in New York or pilot or passenger a feeder flight.

    List of flights and dates (times will be up soon)

    24th June : Feeder Flights

    Atlanta - New York JFK
    Los Angeles LAX - New York JFK
    Orlando - New York JFK
    Washington Dulles - New York JFK
    San Francisco - New York JFK
    Seattle - New York JFK
    Boston - New York JFK
    Chicago O'Hare - New York JFK
    Las Vegas - Cleveland - New York JFK
    Phoenix - Kansas City - New York JFK
    Miami - Jacksonville - New York JFK
    Denver - Detroit - New York JFK
    Vancouver - Minneapolis - New York JFK
    Edmonton - Calgary - New York JFK
    Winnipeg - Toronto - New York JFK
    Detroit - New York JFK
    Philadelphia - New York JFK

    Late Night :
    New York JFK - London Heathrow (Arrive 25th June)
    New York JFK - Newquay,Cornwall (Arrive 25th June)

    25th June : Feeder Flights

    Newquay - London Heathrow
    Dublin - London Heathrow
    Manchester - London Heathrow
    Glasgow - London Heathrow
    Edinburgh - London Heathrow
    Belfast City - London Heathrow
    Amsterdam - London Heathrow
    Brussels - London Heathrow
    Jersey - London Heathrow

    13:00 (Local Time)
    London Heathrow - Alicante

    27th June
    09:00 (Local Time)
    Alicante - Madrid

    12:30 (Local Time)
    Madrid - St Maarten

    11:00 (Local Time)
    Alicante - Paris CDG

    15:00 (Local Time)
    Paris CDG - New York JFK

    29th June:

    10:00 (Local Time)
    St Maarten - New York JFK
    St Maarten - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Seattle - Vancouver

    This will definately be alot of fun !

    There are already a few people participating so get involved and have a laugh with us all.

    P.S - If you have arrived in from an overseas/overnight flight you will have a long period before your next flight, so you can relax,sleep or go sightseeing
    For example, when everybody arrives in London, you will land around 07:00 am, and depart at 13:00 (1pm), so you have a little time to sleep,eat,chill or grab a little cessna and a group of you can go sightseeing around London.



    Im going to take part.
    Im flying the London-Alicante Leg, and then im flying to SXM then to JFK, then back to LHR.